Emergency backpack

The emergency backpack is used for major emergencies, fires, natural disasters, evacuations...
Autonomy 3 days. Suitable for 1 to 3 persons by increasing the amount of food and water.
Place it in an easy-to-catch place near the front door. This also serves as a reminder of how it is organised.

Print out this list and put it in your backpack for a quick check of the contents.

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Lo zaino

How to choose a good backpack called emergency, BoB or 72-hour.

  • Choose a backpack with several compartments.
  • Capacity of +/- 30 litres. (Medium size)
  • It should be organised in a clear order, the different pockets and compartments should be thought of like rooms in a house, each having its own function.
  • Water-fearing objects should be placed in zipped freezer bags.

Examples of backpacks:

Zaino di emergenza aperto

Fuori dallo zaino

It is meant to be attached to the backpack, but not dangling. Fast-access elements only.

Bottiglia laterale

Tasca esterna veloce (reticella)

Again, one item per pocket.

  • Toilet paper in watertight envelope with hook.
    • Hanging it avoids laying it on the ground. It therefore remains more hygienic and does not get wet.
Carta igienica in sacca con gancio

Tasca veloce superiore.

The lid.

BIBURY Pinza Multiuso
Tasca supperiore

Tasca attrezzi

It is one of the two side pockets, you choose which one.

Cordino e accessori

Tasca bagno

This is one of the two side pockets, choose the opposite of the tools.

  • 2nd bottle of water
  • Spare eyeglasses for those in need
  • 🧼Hygiene pouch (with hook)
    • Paper handkerchiefs (inside a bag)
    • Bar soap all-one with string
    • Toothbrush cut and pierced
    • Toothpaste
    • FFP2 mask in case of smoke or dust.
    • Hair elastic band
    • Cocoa-butter
Sachetto igiene

Compartimento principale

Ideally, this compartment should be accessible from both the top and the front, like a suitcase.

Zaino di emergenza aperto
Pronto soccorso

Conspicuous case easily accessible.

Sacca pronto soccorso completa
Bustina elettronica

More than ever, this sachet must be watertight.

Cellulare, eletronica, torcia Wuben C2
Busta alimentazione

Plastic shopping bag with two handles. If watertight, even better.

  • Dried meat
  • Concentrated milk
  • Pitted prunes
  • Dried fruit
  • Inside a plastic box
    • Cereal bars
    • Biscuits
    • Dried fruit
Cibo di emergenza
Busta vestiti

Plastic shopping bag with two handles. If watertight, even better.

  • Warm sweatshirt or Puff-Ball vest
  • Technical socks
  • T-shirt
  • Panties
  • Lightweight trousers
  • A pair of tights (underpants for cold weather)
Vestiario di ricambio

Compartimento inferiore o busta riparo

Many backpacks have a lower compartment, if this is not the case, continue using the main compartment, but using the lower part. The items listed below are soft and not fragile, meaning you can sit comfortably on this part.

Sacco a pelo e telo

Tasca interna o bustina amministrativa

Some backpacks have a secure pocket in the back. If not, use a pouch that you place in a very discreet part of the backpack. In both cases, the contents must fit in a watertight pouch.

  • Notebook + tactical pencil or pen with useful phone numbers.
  • Photocopy of identity card, driving licence, passport.
  • Photos of loved ones in case of their loss.
  • Money in small denominations +/- 150€.
  • Copy of house and/or car keys.
Tacquino e fotocopie

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Be prepared

Zaino di emergenza aperto