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Given the political-energy situation, it is wise to equip oneself with fuel-free hand tools and implements, provided they are the best πŸ˜‰.
In fact, a poor tool does not work well, breaks quickly and even becomes dangerous. We prefer to equip ourselves with good, durable equipment. And if it also makes you forget about fuel, you're in a barrel.

Replacing fuel with elbow grease, even with the best tools in the world, has to be scaled down in the right contexts. Replacing a chainsaw with a lopper and a hand saw is possible for pruning an olive grove, but not for a woodcutter who has to cut logs all day. Nevertheless, it is better to have them, however they will reduce fuel consumption.

If I recommend certain links it is because I already own those products, have tested them and am satisfied with them.

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The vegetable garden is the basis of nutrition.
Equip yourself well even if you do not yet have a vegetable garden, if you happen to work in the countryside, a farmer is more likely to take someone who already owns his tools.

  • Due Buoi hand Saw (10% discount).
    • 330 mm curved blade
    • Tempered with laser pulses
    • Blade: High-carbon steel
    • Handle: Plastic and rubber
    • Weight: 300 g
Seghetto da pota Due Buoi
  • Scythe Falci made in Italy:
    • With a little practice it replaces the brush cutter, with the advantage of being silent and not forcing you to wear all those sweaty protections.
    • Handle To be adjusted according to the person.
    • Scythe 50cm For more difficult terrain and tough grasses.
    • 65 cm scythe For easy lawns and tender grasses.
Falce Falci

To better compete with the brushcutter, I recommend combining the scythe with the

Cesoie a manico lungo-Fiskars
Pompe ad acqua manuali
In addition to these, there are other complementary tools. Here is a brief list:
  • Due Buoi shears. (10% discount).
    • Powerful, for medium and large hands.
    • Blade: C60 steel Aluminium handle
    • Groove for sap cleaning
    • Wire cutter
    • Weight: 280gr
    • 21 cm
      Here the video review
Forbice da pota a doppio taglio Due Buoi
  • Grafting knife (10% discount).
    • Blade: High-carbon steel C100
    • Brass spatula: OT63
    • Handle: Printed cellulose acetate
    • Weight: 88 g
Coltello da innesto Due Buoi
  • 2-tooth rhomboid hoe
  • Tuscan hoe
  • Hoe
  • Magic spade (Russian spade)
  • 4-tine fork
  • A food-grade plastic pot
  • Wheelbarrow (The solid masonry ones, not the light gardening ones)
  • Svettatoio Telescopico. (Fiskars)
    • Elimina l’utilizzo della scala, dunque piΓΉ sicuro e guadagno di tempo.
    • Lama: Acciaio temprato.
    • Testa di taglio regolabile a 230Β°.
    • Manico di alluminio, lunghezza: 2,4 – 4m.
    • Peso: 2.1 kg.


The kitchen also has many appliances that we can replace.

Frullatore Tupperware
  • Economic cooker or stove with hob.
  • Better if it includes a oven.
    • It is the most power-hungry appliance!
    • Also include a thermometer.
    • Provide a reserve of wood.
Stufa a legna con fornetto

Other oven alternatives:

  • Wine saving pump: Link 1, Link 2, Link 3.
    • Ideal for storing wines and other liquids for longer.
    • Simple and lightweight hand pump.
Pompa Salvavino con tapi

Many other household tools and robots can be replaced with the hand crank equivalent.

  • Pasta machine
  • Coffee grinder
  • Meat mincer
  • Etc... See for yourself.


Here is a list, certainly not complete, of some indispensable hand tools.

  • Hand or foot pump
    • It certainly cannot replace a compressor if you need to blow compressed air, it is more for inflating wheels.
    • Modified compressor: You can fit a crank in the compressor head and fill it by hand. This is easier with side motor compressors with belt drive, but you have to achieve a high speed, for example by attaching it to a bicycle wheel.
Pompa a mano e a pedale

It is certainly slower than an electric drill, but cathedrals have been built with this ancestral tool.

Girabarchino con punte
  • Manual log splitter

Photo: Max

  • Foot-operated sewing machine
    • Aaah, that old grandma stuff.
    • It is worth it to remove dust and put it back together.
    • It has been sewing for 50 years, it will do another 50 if well looked after.
Antica macchina da cucire Singer

All this steel must be sharpened

  • Stone for sharpening scythes Due Buoi (10% discount).
    • Well instructed on how to use it, incorrect handling can damage the blade edge.
    • Before starting, soak the stone in water for at least ten minutes.
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