Not only video effects or transitions can enhance Vegas, but also tools and additive functions.

A lot of very useful patch and plugins for Vegas Pro
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  • DataNameClips
    This is a stand alone tool to change the filename of many kinds of video clips to the recorded start-time and date.
    For DJI *.MP4 clips it also allows to use the GPS data.
  • ShowEventLength
    Small floating window that show you the length of a media on the timeline.
  • ShowRecDat
    Display and use the recording data contained in the video clips and photos.
    Copy into: C:\ProgramData\VEGAS Pro\Application Extensions\
Very interesting complementary render. Especially to render in MKV, Proress, 10 bits, H265…
Voukoder is system wide video- and audio encoding service that improves you media encoding experience. It supports various encoders (both CPU and GPU based) and also provides a set of post processing filters.

Insert recorded date/time stamp at the beginning of each clip
or selected cursor position of a selected clip.
Unzip into: C:\ProgramData\Sony\Vegas Pro\Application Extensions
If you want switch UI language on Vegas 17.
FOCUS ON VEGAS is an independent website dedicated to video editing and effects.
There is a special focus on the video editors Vegas Pro and Movie Studio.
  • EnDisEffects
  • integration of Hitfilm 3 Pro
  • Music Video Sync
  • SoMaConverter
  • Vegas Batch Stabilize
  • Version Faker

VASST free
Some useful plugins, some of them are out of date. Not all of them still work with the last version of Vegas.
  • Preview levels for simulating the signal levels of the output device in the preview window,
  • Render progress for more information on the render process and the option to pause a render operation,
  • Split and heal with commands for splitting events on selected tracks and for healing events that have been split,
  • Event streams with a command for restoring deleted events for audio and video streams, and
  • Fixes with little tweaks for the Vegas® user interface.

A bunch of little scripts, Extensions and applications that can speed up work a lot on Vegas Pro. My favourite:
  • Copy Track Volume Envelope
  • Kill All Vegas
  • MP4 Date Changer
  • Set Alpha