Not only video effects or transitions can enhance Vegas, but also tools and additive functions.

Peter_P plugins screenshot

A lot of very useful patch and plugins for Vegas Pro
Thank you Peter.–105615/?page=1

  • DataNameClips
    This is a stand alone tool to change the filename of many kinds of video clips to the recorded start-time and date.
    For DJI *.MP4 clips it also allows to use the GPS data.
  • ShowEventLength
    Small floating window that show you the length of a media on the timeline.
  • ShowRecDat
    Display and use the recording data contained in the video clips and photos.
    Copy into: C:\ProgramData\VEGAS Pro\Application Extensions\

Very interesting complementary render. Especially to render in MKV, Proress, 10 bits, H265…
Voukoder is system wide video- and audio encoding service that improves you media encoding experience. It supports various encoders (both CPU and GPU based) and also provides a set of post processing filters.

SVTD screenshot

Insert recorded date/time stamp at the beginning of each clip
or selected cursor position of a selected clip.
Unzip into: C:\ProgramData\Sony\Vegas Pro\Application Extensions

Vegas Pro 17 language switch

If you want switch UI language on Vegas 17.

Focus On Vegas Version Faker screenshot

FOCUS ON VEGAS is an independent website dedicated to video editing and effects.
There is a special focus on the video editors Vegas Pro and Movie Studio.

  • EnDisEffects
  • integration of Hitfilm 3 Pro
  • Music Video Sync
  • SoMaConverter
  • Vegas Batch Stabilize
  • Version Faker

VASST free Trackalizer screenshot

VASST free
Some useful plugins, some of them are out
of date. Not all of them still work with the last version of Vegas.

SeMW Extensions screenshot


  • Preview levels for simulating the signal levels of the output device in the preview window,
  • Render progress for more information on the render process and the option to pause a render operation,
  • Split and heal with commands for splitting events on selected tracks and for healing events that have been split,
  • Event streams with a command for restoring deleted events for audio and video streams, and
  • Fixes with little tweaks for the Vegas® user interface.

A bunch of little scripts, Extensions and applications that can speed up work a lot on Vegas Pro. My favourite:

  • Copy Track Volume Envelope
  • Kill All Vegas
  • MP4 Date Changer
  • Set Alpha