Free transitions for Vegas Pro. Some of them are plugins, other are only templates.

SM Cubes screenshot

SMCubes transitions.
It’s a freeware transition. It divides the screen into cubes and ‘explodes’ them outwards spinning them around and recombines them back to the transitioned shot.

SM Luminance screenshot

SMLuminance is a freeware transition. It blends from one shot to the next based on either:
a) the luminance of a bitmap (for users of older Vegas versions which don’t have the built-in “Gradient Wipe” transition), or
b) the luminance of the incoming & outgoing shots (which simulate a film-like optical dissolve).


AAV ColorLab.
AAV ColorLab is a free plugin, but also three contain transitions:

  • Fade
  • Additive dissolve
  • Substractive dissolve

Transquare Free Demo Pack

Transquare Free Demo Pack from Vegasaur
2 free animated matte clips (3D cube transitions)
Full HD QuickTime movies in Photo Jpeg format
The duration is 1-3 seconds
Includes free poster
Their are templates, not a plugin!

Free transitions for VEGAS Pro

Free transitions for VEGAS Pro from Vegasaur11 free transition templates (.veg files) for VEGAS
Easy to use: just drag and drop!
Their are templates, not a plugin!