Videography is my first artistic language.I got my first Super8 camera at 14 years old. The high cost of the filmstrip forced me to well plan the scene before filming. It’s a very good exercise of artistic conception.
My way to travel had oriented me to buy small video cameras, so I had to found the best compromise between quality and smallness. Until today, filming inside caves, I have to manage this compromise, adding to that the waterproof requirement.


My editing skill began with the Super8 moviola. In the cinema school La Cambre with the 16mm filmstrip. Once I left the school in the 1996 the pentium II was just release. It was the first processor able to edit video in real time. Therefore I bought my first PC with Pentium II at 266Hz, the legendary video card Miro 30+, 32 Mo of RAM and 12 Gigas HDD!
Still today I edit, colourise and sonorise all my films and third party films all by myself.


The passion for the photography is come very later. I considered my photography in video too bad, therefore I decide to learn photography in order to improve my video image. Slowly this 8th art was interesting me until to become a real passion.


Caving is an old story. I began making climbing then canyoning, like all young teenagers, until a friend asked me to come see a cave. This experience slowly cancelled all my others outdoor activities to become my main “outdoor” interest.

You can download my resume here


My Teammates

Speleo Club Oristanese
Associazione Speleologica Progetto Supramonte
ESA Caves
Astronaut training
ESA Pangaea
Planetary geology course
Sponsor - lighting
some words about ARXO

What is ARXO?

Extreme Video Pictures. Three words to explain the goal of my cinematographic studio. I sign with the label ARXO all the films that I realize in cave or in outdoor environment. Most of the time, I work alone, but the ARXO studio can grow depending on the needs, thanks to my collaborators. Filming and photographing in harsh conditions is pretty difficult, but realize beautiful images is even more.

Caves are fascinating location, but filming and photographing inside them require special skills and specific equipment. It’s impossible to reach some place in the cave without a well knowledge of caving technique, the risk is too big and some situations stress the physical and equipment.
The cameras and all the accessories must be carefully chosen and often they are subject to modifications and improvements to withstand harsh working conditions in the caves:

• High level of humidity and sometimes even immersions in the water.
• Resistance to shocks and scratches.
• Lightness for easy transport.
• The densest darkness.
• The physical constriction of rocks and narrow places.
• Difficulty of communication.
You understand that under these conditions it is not possible to enter with a classical cinema troupe.

ARXO is here for that.

There are not many people who are able to provide quality work in these conditions. Fortunately these cavers exist, they are the precious collaborators for ARXO. Photographers, cameramen, assistants and logistics. All have already worked with me and proved their worth.
ARXO is not made only to realize my own films, But can provide its services also for third persons or organizations. Currently ARXO is already working for the European Space Agency in projects like ESA CAVES and ESA PANGAEA.